Lee Min Ho a.k.a. Man of my Dreams

10 Things I Hate about Lee Min Ho:

1.       I hate the way he smiles for it carries me in paradise. Such smile like an innocent baby, flashes his ever angelic face. Ugh! So rude

2.       I hate the way he stares for it breaks my sanity into bits and pieces.

3.       I hate it when he laughs because I realized that his laugh is the best sound I have ever heard.

4.       I hate the way he dress, neat or tidy, makes no difference, he’s still wonderful, and I just hate it.

5.       I hate the way he talks, every word goes straight to my heart, and like every word he say is beautiful.

6.       I hate his beautiful lips, loses my sanity in fantasizing that one day, I might be able to kiss him passionately. Just one kiss and I will remember it for the rest of eternity.

7.       I hate it when he brushes his hair, because he looks hot when it’s sexy pushed-back.

8.       I hate the way he walks, make me want to run and hug him from the back and sure as heaven I will never let go.

9.       I hate how flexible as an actor he could be. How every role he was able to fit in his character and personality. It’s just great because he can be anyone but not everyone could be him. Such a talent, damn I hate it!

10.   I hate how humble he could be, despite the undeniable fame, he’s still down to earth, warmth like the morning sun, and with personality as soothing as the afternoon sea breeze.


I hate the fact that despite the things that I hate about him, my heart couldn’t help but to love him even more. I know it’s irrational but at this time and age, I’m living a dream of being with him even just for a day. Going to Korea just to see him, I know is crazy, but I will do it for the love of him. Sounds freaky right? But who cares? I don’t care. All that matters is that he inspires me to dream and to dream BIG. I believe in the beauty of his soul even know I haven’t met him in person. Not just by the roles that he play but because I just know, it’s called faith. Thoughts of him brighten up my day and my heart skips a beat every time I think of seeing him in my dreams. That’s his role in my life. He’s not just your ordinary Korean Actor, he’s my Lee Min Ho and nothing can beat that.

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